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2230 West Main St Bozeman, MT
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Chrome Tattoo is a tattoo shop that is located at 2230 West Main St in Bozeman, MT.

Tattoo Shop Name: Chrome Tattoo

Location: 2230 West Main St, Bozeman, Montana

Chrome Tattoo Location in Bozeman


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Chrome is amazing! Zane is down to earth, friendly and non havejudgemental of people. I have been to many tattoo shops that wouldn't give me the time of day based on how I look (plain, goody goody, professional look) But Zane did. Plus, his work is amazing! I don't have a day that goes by when my tattoos are showing, that I don't get complimented! Some of my tattoos are 6-7 yrs old and look brand new! He is the best all the way around, and I will not go to another! 20 hrs of work on me...and counting!

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2230 West Main St
Bozeman, MT , USA
5 / 5 from 1 ratings
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