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1821 Bandera Rd # B San Antonio, TX 78228
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Dandy Land Custom Tattoos is a tattoo shop that is located at 1821 Bandera Rd # B in San Antonio, TX. Dandy Land Custom Tattoos is listed as a Single Location. Dandy Land Custom Tattoos is listed as having a total annual revenue of Less than $500,000. There are currently 5-9 employees at Dandy Land Custom Tattoos. Our records show Benjamin Upton, Owner currently employed at Dandy Land Custom Tattoos tattoo shop. Dandy Land Custom Tattoos was established in 1998.

Tattoo Shop Name: Dandy Land Custom Tattoos

Location: 1821 Bandera Rd # B, San Antonio, Texas

Year Established: 1998

Location Type: Single Location

Employees: Benjamin Upton, Owner

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I went to Dandyland on the recommendation of a trusted friend, and was sorry I did. Maybe if I had gotten another artist... WHo knows? So, I sent "Cheese" my peacock pattern, and told him I wanted a realistic looking tattoo, with loads of color. He said he specialized in realistic, though he had a drawing for me that looked cartoonish. It was pretty, though nothing like my design, and he talked me into it. My fault, my responsibility entirely. I should have been more insistent, but I do believe in giving an artist some artistic liberty. He assured me it would look more realistic than the drawing. Three hours later, I had a partial outline of a stylized (not realistic in the least) peacock. While it was certainly pretty, it was nothing like what I had sent him. Now, the more I look at it, the more I hate it. It almost looks more like a phoenix than a peacock, and it looks as though it is folded in half, as opposed to flowing with the contours of my body. The neck is too long, and the face looks like some flash I've seen. I'm very sorry that I let Cheese talk me into something other than what I sent him, though I have someone else willing to try to fix this mess. The moral of the story, DO NOT LET SOMEONE TALK YOU INTO SOMETHING THAT HE WANTS. Yes, ultimately my fault and my own responsibility, because I let him talk me into it.

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1821 Bandera Rd # B
San Antonio, TX 78228, USA
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